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Thor, after all, often appears sleeveless, but rarely shirtless. In a recent interview with GQ magazine, the actor revealed that all the years of performing stunts had caught up with his body and was causing it to break down.

From Josh Brolin putting on a whopping 73 pounds for The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter to Matthew McConaughey chowing down on cheeseburgers to gain more than 40 big ones for Gold, here are the real reasons yours favorite stars got a little pudgy.

But the star says the effort was required to make his portrayal at all believable. Did you see that movie about fast food, Supersize Me? The role of the beloved romantic-comedy character required Zellweger to pack on the pounds.

However, this is only a fraction of what she actually did while training. She has gone as far as sticking to a strict diet, although she swears she can never give up bread.

I developed the F.

Woman tries the Bulletproof Diet that promises to transform your body

In it he played a very thin man, meaning he would have to lost 44 pounds for the role. Aaron Taylor-Johnson — Avengers: Yes, it really is not so easy to be a famous actor, after all. Sometimes, that requires undergoing incredible transformations. I was trying out all these fast food restaurants that I've never had… Cheeseburgers and beer will do the trick.

For a brief period, the latter was why Alec Baldwin was detected on the celebrity weight gain radar. However, what shocked us is the strict lifestyle PeeCee followed to get in shape in order to embody the Olympian.

20 Awesome celebrity ✔ Fitness Body Transformations

Tom Hardy English actor Tom Hardy has been in many films where he has had to make a physical change. Again, though, a fascinating journey. He was just a bear. Your legs scrape together. You will know exactly what to buy and not a thing more! The actor got up to pounds after sticking to a 3,calorie diet and working out six days a week.

Looking to step it up a notch? Not to mention that he exercised! She has come a long way since then, starring in the film Black Swan.

Russell Crowe — The Gladiator His bodybuilding for his role in the film The Gladiator was one where we saw Crowe make a major shift in his physical appearance for the better. The actress went on to earn an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress for the role. Healthy Celeb tell us: Let it go and let it show.

He looked nothing like his usual self. He gained a total of 60 pounds from his original frame for his role in the film. For his film, Gold, he grew quite the tummy to play gold-hungry businessman Kenny Wells.

She has always had an unhealthy relationship with food; it was her chosen method for coping with stress and the pressures of daily life.

This meant that he ate only one can of tuna fish and an apple a day for months.

Charlie Cox Workout Routine and Diet Plan: How to Train and Eat like Daredevil

According to her, skinny pressure will never affect her because she worked hard to get her health and happiness where she wanted it to be. Training Volume: Andrew Garfield Andrew was always a lanky skinny guy who had a serious talent for acting. She never shied away from clapping back at people trying to shame her for the weight.

He was once a well-chiseled and beautiful man; as the star of Top Gun he was considered one of the sexiest actors alive, but those glory days are far behind him now. Book and DVD Package you will find: According to Balki, Bachchan let his inner child out on the sets of the film.

Check out these actors who transformed into their characters in an amazing way, courtesy of BoredPanda. As a result, she had to undergo a weight loss surgery and embrace a more refined diet.Welcome to jared leto diet for dallas buyers club.

Nov 28, Jared Leto Fasting for His Role in 'The Dallas Buyer's Club' and Shows Jared Leto attributed it to cardio, but “90 percent is based on diet. 1/7/ · Woman tries the Bulletproof Diet that promises to transform your body - with VERY disappointing results Jared Leto rocks casually comfortable look.

11/10/ · #9 Jared Leto in ‘Chapter 27’ While this actor underwent extreme weight loss for his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club, he gained 67 pounds for his role as John Lennon’s assissin in Chapter He ate microwaved pints of ice cream mixed with olive oil and soy sauce every day to fatten up.

Extreme makeovers: How celebs transform for movies Farhan Akhtar is another inspirational Bollywood star who transformed his body completely to lean body muscles with complete dedication in.

11/28/ · The cast of The Dallas Buyer's Club is disappearing before our eyes. Celebuzz previously reported Matthew McConaughey's stunning pound weight loss and now his co.

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Jared leto body transform diet
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